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The Blessings of Coffee via Gaggia Classic


Ah, that wonderful thing called coffee. That deliciously nutty, somewhat smoky, and freshly complex tasting beverage that we all know to well as being “coffee,” is a long-cherished beverage that many all over the world enjoy. Coffee is truly considered one of the most famous beverages in the entire world, and there have been many who have been coffee-committed for years on end. The special brewed Java is savored in many countries by many cultures all throughout the world, with various creative ways of brewing and service. So, what exactly is this popular drink prepared from? Well, coffee is originally derived and prepared from roasted coffee beans, which actually are the direct seeds of berries derived from the species known as ‘Coffea.’ Native to beautiful Africa, the plant is also well-known in areas such as Sudan, Ethiopia, and Madagascar.


Good, quality coffee should smoothly balance sweetness, acidity, and bitterness all into one drink. You should be able to taste good, smooth flavors and absolutely no weird notes with only one sip. Good coffee should have nuanced and complex flavors, very smooth and buttery on the tongue. Not charred, raw, or too bitter tasting. Fresh coffee may also have floral, earthy, or fruity flavors to it, always leaving you with wanting to have another drink. Some enjoy coffee with no sugar or cream in it at all, while others enjoy having that sweet flavor of a little sugar now and then.

When brewed correctly (find more info at Convergent-Coffee on this), fresh coffee is somewhat bitter, dark, and somewhat acidic with an invigorating effect from the wonderful caffeine content. Some people even brew green coffee, which results in a deliciously fresh, green flavor and a floral aroma. Coffee is served to many with mere cream and sugar in it, while others prefer their coffee with such ingredients like salt, butter, or even egg. Everyone is different, and so their preferences and taste for how they like coffee will also be unique. Although it is most oftentimes served hot, flavored iced coffee and some room temperature coffee have both become quite popular recently as well.


We can trace coffee way back to the heavenly coffee forests located on the deep Ethiopian plateaus. It was coffee savoring and coffee culture that both initially started in the hidden mountain bush. This popular beverage’s journey would continue on to its successful cultivation in the Arabian Peninsula. As the 15th century soon approached, coffee was then cultivated in the area of what we now know as Yemen. Soon, it would spread over to Persia in the east, Egypt, Syria, and finally Turkey. Known as qahveh khaneh in other countries, coffee quickly became very famous in different coffee houses from the Arabian Peninsula to other areas. These “coffee houses” soon became the focal point for information exchange among the whole community, alluding to them as simply Schools of the Wise. The worldwide spread of coffee in other parts of the world has really shown what a positive influence it has had over many cultures and the people.

As time went on, coffee soon began to be enjoyed throughout Europe, just to be later on brought to North America. Even though it essentially became banned in several Moslem cities because of the uproar of behavior inside of several of the coffee houses, this popular beverage continued to bring joy and energy to many all over the world.


Apart from the joy and love it brings as a popular drink, coffee also holds many health benefits to it. The Java brew retains high levels of antioxidants along with other minerals, truly making it a healthy beverage to sip. There have been different studies that have shown that caffeine, actually may assist in protecting many against Parkinson’s disease. Some even believe that men, who drink well-over four cups of coffee a day, actually might have five times the lower risk of getting Parkinson’s than those that do not.

Whether you are carefully carrying a special coffee mug on your way to work or maybe just on your way to grab a quick Caramel Macchiato, it’s difficult to imagine a world without coffee in it. There just seems to be something extremely nostalgic and therapeutic about sipping on a hot cup of Joe early in the morning. Cheers to having coffee!